Way more than a cookie-cutter Group Tour

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Traveling is more fun in groups, as are our group tours and shore excursions! Group travelers typically require our travel agents' know-how to book their vacations. Call us today and let your NorthStar Advisor book your groups for lower-priced, higher-quality tours and excursions.

NorthStar Travel advisors have access to Virtuoso's network of the world's best travel with Group tour partners, and their expertise means your most memorable trips are yet to come – whenever you're ready to take them. Virtuoso Group tour operators and on-site tour connections create unique, customized travel experiences worldwide, from the group and escorted tours to independent vacations. Talk to your NorthStar travel advisor about what you want to do – and they'll help you create a one-of-a-kind Group tour itinerary. Through our Group tour connections with destination experts in more than 145 countries, NorthStar Virtuoso advisors give travelers exclusive experiences (surf lessons with a pro or a private meeting with the Dalai Lama, anyone?), insider access, and VIP treatment. As the number of customers traveling in groups has been increasing, so has family and multi-generational lower-priced higher-quality group travel.