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Micato Safaris the power of philanthropic travel

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Virtuoso Micato Philanthropic Travel

Travel And Give Back

… paying it forward in Peru …How do you embark on a Journey to Global Citizenship? Start by working with Virtuoso.
Originally appeared in June 2015 issue of Virtuoso Traveler
By Joel Centano, Virtuoso Traveler Editor-in-Chief
In 2009, following tours in Kenya with Micato Safaris that included visits to Nairobi’s Micato-AmericaShare Harambee Community Centre, U.S. middle-schoolers donated their bar mitzvah money toward building a basketball court for local children. (Donations from travelers originally funded the center itself, which provides a library, learning resource center, nursery school meals, and one of the Mukuru slum’s only sources of clean drinking water.) Five years later, a similarly inspired Florida high-school student raised funds for lacrosse lessons, uniforms, and equipment while teaming up with Micato-AmericaShare and the Federation of International Lacrosse to introduce Mukuru teenagers to the sport. 

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