Spiritual meccas, Mediterranean beaches, diverse cuisine – Israel offers more than meets the eye.

Israel is on the Mediterranean, only a quick jump and hop-skip from so many amazing European spots. Israel borders with two seas camera 3 and sees under Etsy or that Etsy and the sea of Galilee. Israel is approximately the size of the state of New Jersey. Israel is action-packed and there is so much to do and see all in a small space. Israel has six different climate zones. But in Israel, you have a case where it's snowing up north into her mode in the colon heights and yet someone is floating in the Dead Sea and enjoying the sun in Eilat.

Explore Israel like a local, in regions remote and wild, where you can go farther to discover beauty, wildness, and the seldom-seen. Talk to your NorthStar Advisor today to learn about Israel and Save & $ave!

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Did you know: Israel is a culinary destination as well as a sustainable destination?